The Lights of Home

Jill Reade is a young archaeologist who believes in angels though, by her own admission, she has never seen one. Not one with wings and a halo anyway. She does, however, see people or objects that reminded her to exercise caution or to think differently about something – helpers sent by God to help her help herself. When she sets out on a short trip to analyze a potential archaeological project she has no idea she will need all the help from the angels she can get.

Set against the panoramic backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, the trilogy, LEGENDS OF THE SANCTUARY TREE, are literary novels rich in local history, family legends, and homespun wisdom. With gentle humor and character insight, these heartwarming stories examine cultural dilemmas germane to our times. Can a woman who has lived successfully on her own make the changes necessary to sustain healthy relationships? Can people who are able to live independently embrace the spirit of Community? How can members of a remote village adjust to the influx of commuters and retirees – reconcile the pretensions of the newly affluent with their long-standing traditional values? The unique characters will be remembered by the way they include the reader in their interaction as they grapple with realistic challenges and grow in the process.

A retired field archaeologist, the author conducted careful research into each aspect of the stories, paying attention to detail and presenting thoughtful and reasoned discussions of everyday problems to which most readers can relate.

The life of reclusive archaeologist Jill Reade is perfect and she is content. She has carved a niche for herself contracting with both governmental and private entities to conduct small-scale archaeological projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. When she inherits an ancient hotel from a woman she’d met only once, the reluctant Jill is persuaded to use the remote facility as a base camp during her next project. While there, she’s told the legend of the Sanctuary Tree-a giant tree with dense boughs that sweep the ground, providing protection from the elements for anyone lucky enough to stumble into its aromatic chamber. She also learns that, while she may not want the lodge, there are those who do, and they’re willing to risk much to get it.

Jill is returning home when an encounter with a mysterious stranger sends her to the river’s edge where she finds a long-abandoned cave. Who is this compelling man she finds vaguely familiar? Jill reassembles her old crew to search for answers and for peace for the helpful stranger.

Jill’s efforts to find peace for a ghost sends her to the Caribbean to search for the source of his buried treasure. From there she follows a faint clue to plantations in the Carolinas. Only when she returns to the old hotel does she realize how closely she is tied to the past and how her fierce resolve to remain independent has nearly caused heartbreak to those she loves most.